Kilpatrick Tree Service provides comprehensive tree solutions to customers across Hendersonville, Asheville, Black Mountain, Waynesville, Brevard, Tryon, and Fletcher. Over the years we have built a very strong reputation in the region and have focused on providing our customers seamless services such as complete tree removal, tree trimming, tree treatments, tree stump grinding, bucket/crane work, as well as storm damage/ emergency service.

Our Range Of Tree Services

We also serve commercial and residential. Take a look at what all these services involve:

    Complete Tree Removal
  • Complete Tree Removal - If there are any infected/dead trees on your property that you want removed, or if you find that certain trees are leaning very dangerously close to your home/commercial structure, its best to opt for our complete tree removal solutions. Read More »

  • Tree Trimming - Trimming trees on a regular basis promotes growth and allows the sun’s rays to filter through the foliage onto the grass & smaller plants underneath; it allows the flow of air too. In case any broken or damaged branches are noticed during the course of the work, our experts will meticulously remove those too and it helps maintain the health of the trees. Read More »

  • Tree Treatments - It important to keep your trees protected from insects and fungal infections. At times, these infections can spread across all the plantings in the landscape. The one way to avoid this is to opt for tree treatments. Read More »

  • Tree Stump Grinding - Sometimes you have to remove a tree/s from your landscaping. However, the stump may just be left jutting out of the ground. This can impact the look of your landscape and hamper future landscaping work. We use highly specialized, technologically advanced self-propelled hydraulic equipment in our work. Read More »

  • Storm Damage/Emergency Service
  • Bucket/Crane Work - Sometimes, trees may be growing very close to your home/commercial building and the only way to cut them down deafly would be to opt for specialized bucket/crane work. In this, we use a system of cables and pulleys that have the capacity to lift significant amounts of weight over a distance this helps us cut and then safely lift tree trunks, logs of wood and branches above any structure that may be in the vicinity. Read More »

  • Storm Damage/Emergency Service - After a storm, some of tree damage may be very obvious, but some may be pretty difficult to detect. It’s crucial that all the trees that have been damaged be removed without delay and we offer excellent storm damage/emergency service for removing trees from your property. Read More »

Excellent Tree Services

Our personnel are highly skilled and trained in all the proper tree removal and related techniques and we focus on carrying out the work in an expert and safe manner. We are fully licensed and insured and complete the job to your 100% satisfaction. Regardless of how difficult the job, Kilpatrick Tree Service can handle it for you. For more information about our comprehensive tree services, call us at 828-691-7480. You can also contact us via this online form and we will respond as soon as possible.